Off-Road and Moto Schools with Concept2 Training

The best motocross and off-road riding schools in the world are using Concept2 Indoor Rowers to better prepare their riders for the high intensity and grueling demands of racing.

One such world-class motocross school leading the pack is the Millsaps Training Facility (MTF) in Cairo, Georgia. Under the watchful eye of Riding Coach Colleen Millsaps and Head Trainer Clint Friesen, the next stars of motocross are honing their skills as well as their fitness using Concept2 Indoor Rowers as part of their training.  Indoor rowers are an integral part of the riders’ physical training because of their amazing ability to replicate the demands that racing places on the body.

Training for the disciplines of off-road motorcycle racing such as “enduro” and “hare scrambles” are where using the Concept2 Indoor Rower really shines. In races where riders are often riding non-stop for up to 3 hours at very high heart rates and trying to ward off fatigue, the Concept2 indoor Rower is perfect at preparing the riders. Two of off-road racing’s top names have started race schools where the Concept2 Indoor Rower helps students raise to the top. Shane Watts of “Dirtwise” riding school and Steve Hatch of “Steve Hatch Racing” recognize the need to increase both strength and endurance in their riders with indoor rowing. 

As Steve Hatch explains, “The concept is simple, I respect time and if I can give my riders an advantage by putting them on a piece of equipment that is the best time spent to get their bodies into top form I want that piece of equipment!  That is why I use the Concept2 Indoor Rower; it is honestly the best replication of racing a dirt bike and it allows us to train hard with maximizing time efficiently".

In any motorsport event where strength to weight ratio is imperative, the Concept2 Indoor Rower is the best choice. Concept2 Indoor Rowers offer  total-body functional movement that incorporate every muscle group throughout each stroke without impact on joints, which makes it ideal for anyone with knee issues that hinder their metabolic conditioning. 

Concept2 has seen growth in many new areas of sport from mixed martial arts, motocross, off-road racing, Indy car and NASCAR to functional training protocols such as CrossFit and Gym Jones. The driving force behind this growth is the need for these athletes to possess amazing power, speed and endurance without added body mass that can slow the athlete down and cause them to tire too quickly.  The “name of the game” in motor and action sports is to have a high strength-to-weight ratio in addition to good cardiovascular endurance. In any sport where there is a consequence of bodily injury stemming from muscular or endurance failure, an athlete has to choose the best piece of equipment to reach his or her goals – and indoor rowing is a proven way to achieve this.                                                                                                    

Concept2 was founded by Dick and Peter Dreissigacker in 1976. Fresh from Olympic training, the two brothers designed and manufactured carbon fiber racing oars, then went on to create the world’s first air­resistance indoor rower. Dreissigacker Racing Oars are now used by more than 70 percent of the rowing community. The Concept2 Indoor Rower has been redesigned and upgraded four times since the Model A was introduced in 1981. The Model D and Model E build on Concept2’s years of experience in designing and using rowing machines. For more information about Concept2, visit