Your Collection: Decoster Photo

This week's collection comes from Rick Conley.

My wife was in a second-hand store that specializes in Estate Sales items, in the California Bay Area when she came across this picture. The picture was already framed and there was no price on it. The lady at the counter told her, "That old motorcycle picture has been here for a while now, people just walk right past it." My wife tells her, "My husband would really like this," so that sold it to her for a few dollars.

Needless to say, I was really excited when she showed me what she found. A few months later, I brought it with me to the San Jose Supercross, and after the races I went into the pits in search of Roger. When I did find Roger and showed him the framed picture, he had to stand back for a minute. Roger said that it brought back a lot of memories, of both him at Carlsbad, and also him racing with Willie Bauer, the rider behind him on the Maico. The first thing Roger said was, "Where did you get this picture?" Roger even showed a few people at the Honda truck (since he was managing the team then). After talking to Roger for a few minutes, I walked away feeling pretty good that one of my original motorcycle heroes from the early '70s spent time with me and signed a prized possession. I also had a few others in the pits stop me and asked about it.


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