MotoXDream Fantasy Motocross Season Wrap-Up

After motocross history was made and the champions have been crowned, is wrapping up another epic fantasy motocross season.  As true with most seasons at MXD, it came down to the wire to determine who the overall champion was going to be.  Some might have thought they had it in the bag early on, but as any well seasoned veteran would know, you never count your chickens until they hatch.

The likes of Team Manager “foxstw” showed up as a contender after posting a top 10 finish at Glen Helen, but went MIA until round 4 at High Point before posting another top 10 finish and taking over the lead.  Foxstw was able to carry his lead through round 5 before the flash of “HONDA 2610”'s fender tip seemed to come into his peripherals.  Foxstw’s luck seemed to fade as it looked like HONDA 2610 was prepared to take on a battle for the lead.

As round 6 became the midpoint of the outdoor season, it showed some promise to some veteran MXD players.  We had an exchange of top 10 players leading into this round that gave some seasoned players an opportunity to show what they had.

Our Australian brother “jock” posted a top 3 finish, joining Honda 2610 and foxstw in their battle.  Jock was able to hold that final podium spot until round 9 before dropping out, and handing  it off to another veteran player “Jarrod42”.

Jarrod42 showed up in the mix midway through and gave everyone on the top a reason to sweat.  It looked as if he was going to carry his season best finish at Washougal through the remainder of the rounds.  But for some unknown reason he fell off the pace, allowing the top 5 to devour him like vultures pecking at road kill.

Another veteran who gave a valiant effort was “Murder Inc”.  Denny “Murder Inc.” Stephenson is probably better known for what he did on the track back in 1990, winning a 125 Supercross Championship.  He made his entrance known early on but if you weren’t paying attention it could have easily been overlooked.  It wasn’t until round 11 that he started to put the squeeze on and tactfully swooped under the radar to claim his stake on the podium. 

For the 2009 Fantasy Motocross Season MXD added a new feature. After round 10 we did a drop of your lowest round.  The idea was to stimulate interest and to see if we could stir up the top 10.  It worked flawlessly and we will continue to have this feature down the road.

As the final gates dropped at Steel City the outcome of the 2009 MotoXDream Fantasy Motocross season was coming to head.  The field was looking strong and contenders were nervously awaiting their final positions.  Who was going to take home the Grand Prize?

The 2009 MotoXDream Fantasy Motocross Championship goes to HONDA 2610.

HONDA 2610 not only gets the privilege of holding the number 1 plate next year, but he also takes home Tommy Hahn’s Kawasaki KX450F Team Bike.  Congratulations HONDA 2610 and enjoy the endless fun that awaits you!

2009 Final Top 10 Overall Winners

1st  Honda 2610
2nd Murder Inc. -152
3rd foxstw -254
4th jock -280
5th AJPC Racing -424
6th mitchell -608
7th Teamjamiestercer76 -692
8th Jarrod42 -696
9th  Teamjamiestercer761 -712
10th berno -748

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See you in 2010!