Montreal Supermotocross Track Unveiled

Montreal — The organizers of the 32nd Montreal Supermotocross, presented by Coors Light and Parts Canada, unveiled Thursday the new track layouts to be used by each of the four series riders invited for this year’s competition on October 3 at the Montreal Olympic Stadium. The layout for the motocross (MX) and ATV riders will include 12 turns and several spectacular jump points. The freestyle motocross aces (FMX) will launch from three successive ramps laid out in a triangular shape (a kind of X Games set up) to maximized air time. Finally, the thrilling EnduroCross (EX) competition, a new series added to this year’s competition, will run on a layout that includes 10 turns where riders will battle boulders, logs, tires and will be challenged by a one hundred-foot long pool. MX, ATV and EX riders will also have to deal with a sand trap pit on the track.

“The layouts will be quite demanding for all riders, and that should please the crowd as it will surely tighten up the field and set up close competition among the riders at different portions of the track,” said Pierre Corbeil, promoter of the event. “Fans will also get an eyeful from the MX and ATV riders entering the funnel-shape straight that leads from the starting gate to the first of the three hairpin turns. For EnduroCross riders, a combination of tight turns and gnarly obstacles will require a high level of mental focus. As for the Freestyle contest, it will be our most spectacular in years with three jump ramps and three stunt flying zones.”

Pierre Corbeil admits that the design of the 2009 track layouts is a collective work. Jean-Sébastien Roy, the newly appointed technical director of the Montreal Supermotocross, worked closely with renowned motocross track designer Maxime Sylvestre on the MX and ATV track designs. As for the EnduroCross section, the contribution of Jimmy Bérard from Granby, Quebec was essential in mapping out the course. Finally, the promoter made sure that the Freestyle ramp layout, set among all the other tracks, is to be world class.

“Once more, our overall layout will offer fans, regardless of where they are sitting, a splendid view of the on-track action of every corner of the Stadium surface. Our goal remains the same year after year: to make sure that fans go home after the show, knowing that they did not miss a moment of the thrilling race action,” concluded Pierre Corbeil.

The organizers of the Montreal Supermotocross also announced on Thursday the addition of a novel race event at the beginning of the evening’s activities. The race will feature Supermotocross participating motorcycle dealers, where fans can purchase their tickets for the October 3 event at the Olympic Stadium, in a 160cc-14-inch wheel Pit Bike competition. With a month to go prior to the Supermotocross, participating dealers are urged to get in shape for this memorable event.


The Montreal Supermotocross is one of the most popular events of the year presented at the Olympic Stadium, drawing more than 50,000 fans from Quebec, Eastern Ontario, and the bordering States. Since the inaugural event in 1977, 1,618,720 spectators have crossed the turnstiles at the Olympic Stadium to witness the amazing feats of Rod Pederson, Carl Vaillancourt, Jean-Sébastien Roy and many other great riders from Canada and abroad. More than 150 riders from Canada, the United States, and Europe will participate in this year’s competition.

The best seats in the house, as well as all reserved seating, are currently on sale, and can be ordered online at Admission ( or by calling (514) 790-1245 or 1 800 361-4597). Prices range from $10.00, $19.00, and $28.00 to $37.50. Tickets are also available at participating motorcycle dealers in all regions of Quebec. For more info, go online at to learn more about the Montreal Supermotocross.