Monster and O'NEAL Announce Licensing Agreement

CORONA, Calif. – Monster Beverage Company announced today that it has entered into a limited, non-exclusive licensing agreement with O’NEAL Racing to present a number of Monster Energy branded products aimed at the motocross and off-road communities. These new Monster Energy branded offerings will include Tim Ferry and Fred Andrews replica riding gear. The replica items will include jerseys, pants, gloves, jackets and helmets.

“For nearly 40 years O’NEAL Racing has been a highly respected mainstay in both motocross and off-road racing,” said Vipe Desai, Director of Marketing for Monster Beverage Company. “To be associated with such an iconic brand as O’NEAL Racing is tremendously important to the Monster Energy brand and we look forward to further growing our relationship with them in the future.”

For more information regarding this press release, please contact Dianthe Treantafelles, Licensing Manager for Monster Beverage Company at (951) 280-2395.

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