HHR and Dragon Fuels at Loretta's

Dragon Racing Fuels and Honda of Houston had some really solid finishes the past several weeks at Ponca and Loretta. Shaun Martin stated "Brad Frace has been on fire this year! Nobody really expected him to do as well as he has. I knew that he would be near the front, but I thought it would be next year that he would be fighting for championships. Brad has really been putting in the work, and it shows on the track! He won the overall at Ponca in the 250 B Mod class over some really fast kids, including Eli Tomac!" Brad had some awesome motos at Loretta as well. Brad went 1-5-2 for 3rd overall in the schoolboy 12-16 class and 3-3-5 for 3rd overall in the schoolboy 14-16 class. Tanner Krahenbuhl has been spending a bunch of time with Ryan Hughes, and it shows. Shaun Martin had this to say about Tanner "motocross is such an emotional roller coaster, and the weirdest things happen. He has a reed break on his 250 two stroke when he was a mile ahead. Then while he was trying to limp it home, a lapper crossed lines and Tanner went down. I know that spending time with Ryno makes you a fighter, so I expect Tanner to swing even harder in the races coming up." Tanner showed some great speed at Loretta as well with a 4-2-4 for 3rd overall in the 450b stock class and 18-6-3 for 7th overall in the 450b mod class. Lance Vincent hurt his foot at Mammoth, he sat out Ponca. When Lance showed up for Loretta he was ready for some really good battles in his motos. Lance showed his tremendous speed with a 4-13-1 for 3rd overall in the 250 b stock class and a 8-4-5 for 4th overall in the 250b mod class. Shaun Martin said this about lance "the race with Michael Leib was one of the best of the week. Unfortunately they got together in the Ten Commandments, and Lance went down. He went into the last moto with a slight chance at the overall, but all that mattered to Lance was winning the moto and getting up on the podium. Now that is desire! Lance" Vann Martin has really improved this year. He has been top ten at every amateur national this year. He also has been working really hard and it shows. His goal was top ten at Loretta Lynn’s and fell one point short in 11th. That was his last race on the 150, now let see how it goes on the big bikes. Way to go Vann on a solid finish. Here is what Shaun had to say about the last few weeks "all in all in was a great couple weeks. One of the brightest moments was having HHR bikes on all three steps of the podium in the 250cc B Stock class. I mean this really is an up and down sport, but look at how much time we get to spend with the ones we care about the most. I am extremely proud of all our riders. And I would like to send out a huge thanks to our crew. Mark, Allen, Aaron, Jeremy, our truck driver Dave, and the best motor guy that I know Naveen. Thanks for all the hole shots." Dragon Racing Fuels had many hole shots, moto wins, and several Championships! Dragon Racing Fuels would like to congratulate all the HHR Team and riders. A special thanks to Naveen for the great feedback and R&D that we are able to work together on.