Alexander Frye and Dragon Racing Fuels Title at Loretta Lynn's

Dragon Racing Fuels rider Alex Frye leaves Loretta Lynn with a National title in the 85 9-11 modified class.  In moto one Alex pulls a huge hole shot and rides a solid moto to win moto one. In moto two Alex finds himself second behind Kawasaki supported rider Blake Green. Frye with a 1-2 moto score and Green with a 2-1 moto score, Frye had to beat Green in the third and final moto. When the grate dropped for the final moto green had a decent start as Frye was back in the pack around 10th place. Frye was able to make a couple of passes in the first lap and came around on lap one in 8th place. Blake Green was able to make a couple of passes as well and move into the number one spot. The chance for Frye to win the mod title was not looking good as Green was out front and Alex was now in 7th place position. Frye will go to work for the next several laps and show everyone that he is the rider to beat in the 85 mod 9-11 class. Frye was able to ride a very smart moto and make the pass on some of the best riders and make his way to the front of the pack. Frye riding on a privateer KTM bike purchased from Champion Cycles on a dealer assist program was able to work his way past the Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki supported riders and pass Green for the lead. Once Frye made a clean pass for the lead he was able to pull out a small lead over green and finish the moto with a win and the title. 

Frye is from Huntington, MD and has a 65 7-9 stock title at Loretta from 2007 and now a title in the 85 mod 9-11 class. He has made his mark off the track as well by attending Calvert County Public Schools and remaining on the Honor Roll with all A's and B's. Alex also received the President's Education Award for outstanding academic excellence. Frye and his attitude to work hard and lead the way will help guide him to many more titles. It is amazing to see such a young kid work hard and does his own thing without full support from an OEM go out and continue to improve and show the industry that he is a name to remember. Alexander Frye your 85 9-11 mod Loretta Lynn Champion.