WORCS Report: Two in a Row for Dietrich

August 11, 2009 3:00pm | by:

  • Another podium keeps Brown in the title hunt, but he has to beat Dietrich in the final 2 races to get the WORCS Championship
  • The clouds opened just before the start
  • Brown and Kearny enter
  • Huffman was running third when he tipped over in the rocks
  • Ritzman lead for the first hour and finished a strong second behind Dietrich
  • J.P. Davis got his second win of the Pro 2 season
Olympia, Washington - Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ricky Dietrich came to Washington to win back-to-back WORCS Nationals and that is exactly what he did by winning his second Sunday Pro 1 main event in a row. Dietrich, who won last week’s combined AMA WHS/WORCS main event stayed in Washington and returned to Olympia to win again just one week later. The two victories also put Ricky D. soundly into the point’s lead for the WORCS Championship. “This is my home state, where I learned to ride,” said Dietrich. “I won here for my friends and family who came out to support me. I love coming back to Washington.”

When the gate dropped, Kawasaki-mounted Jamie Lanza grabbed a massive holeshot in front of Destry Abbott and Mike Brown. But the lead trio quickly went off course as soon as they entered the woods section. “They changed the course for the Pro race,” said Lanza. “I thought the course went straight and it turned and we all busted through the banners and had to turn around.”

KTM’s Brenden Ritzman took over the lead and held it for most of the first hour. But Dietrich came onto the MX track in second and consistently closed the gap. He made the pass for the lead with 55 minutes to go and never looked back. “I was riding as hard as I could,” said Ritzman. “But Ricky was just faster so when he caught me I had to let him by and hope he make a mistake. He didn’t, but I’m real happy getting a second here.”

KTM’s Mike brown took the third slot to stay in the hunt for the title. After his off track excursion Brown fought back onto the podium battling his way past team-mate Justin Soule (who finished fourth), Lanza, JCR’s Tim Weigand, and local hero Lance Smail. “I would’ve liked to have stayed up front,” said Brown. “But me and Lanza and Destry all followed each other and messed up. That’s racing sometimes. I’m on the podium again and this championship isn’t over. There are still two more races to go and I’ll be there.”

  • Johnny Campbell
Dietrich now leads the WORCS Championship with 177/5 wins over Brown with 166/1 win, and Bonds Who did not race due to injuries) with 129/2 wins. Soule is fourth in points with 126 points.

WORCS Round 8, Pro1

  1. Ricky Dietrich
  2. Brenden Ritzman
  3. Mike Brown
  4. Justin Soule
  5. Charlie Mullins
  6. Jamie Lanza
  7. Lance Smail
  8. Damon Huffman
  9. Robbie Bell
  10. Tim Weigand

WORCS Round 8, Pro2

  1. JP Davis
  2. Ian Blythe
  3. Ryan Abbatoye

WORCS Round 8, Vet Pro

  1. Rodney Smith
  2. Jimmy Lewis
  3. Paul Krause
  4. Johnny Campbell