Another Podium Finish for the Metal Mulisha/Rockstar/Lucas Oil Off Road Race Team

Lake Elsinore, CA – Race fans stormed through Lake Elsinore, Ca last weekend and endured 100 degree weather for Round 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Another great turnout and another victory for the Metal Mulisha/Rockstar/Lucas Oil Off Road race team. Brian Deegan dominated the competition on Saturday with an impressive 1st place finish in his hometown ahead of Undefeated Champion Rob Naughton. Deegan qualified 4th in the qualifying rounds on Sunday placing him next to Rob Naughton at the start of the race. Brian’s teammate Todd Cuffaro was running fast in the qualifying rounds locking down a 1st place qualification, but due to the inversion Todd started in the 8th position. At the start of the race Brian pinned it to the head of the pack running slightly behind Rob Naughton. After the mandatory restart Brian was doing great and then things heated up when a pile up on the front stretch caused Brian to lose a front right spindle taking him out of the race for a 13th place finish.

His teammate Todd Cuffaro was able to nearly miss the pile up and speed ahead of the competition putting him in 2nd place behind Rob Naughton and ahead of Chris Brandt. Cuffaro kept it pinned and stayed ahead of the competition locking down another victory and his first 2nd place finish for the Metal Mulisha/Rockstar/Lucas Oil race team. In 2008 Cuffaro was named Pro Lite Rookie of the Year and this year he ventured into a two-truck team with Brian Deegan. With their confidences back up after two great victories this weekend, you can be sure that total domination will come in July for rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The Metal Mulisha/Rockstar/Lucas Oil race team proved last weekend that there here to win a championship and won’t settle for anything less!

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