Learn and Ride With AdMo-Tours

Wrightwood, CA-The roar of the engine, the blur of the scenery; for a moment, it's like flying - only better. AdMo-Tours is bringing the thrills of motocross and dirt-bike riding to every level of rider, opening the door to an experience that reminds them, between one shift of the throttle to the next, what it really means to live life on the edge of their seat.

At AdMo-Tours there are options for riders of all shapes and sizes, from weekend warriors to dedicated MX competitors. During July and August AdMo-Tours' California locations will be offering advanced level riders the chance to train under the watchful eye of head instructor and motocross racing champion John Haskell at their Motocross Training School. This advanced course introduces and refines the art of jumping, whoops, bike ergonomics, line selection, passing, precise braking and cornering and any key motocross riding techniques you wish.

"I am holding the keys to success in the world of two wheels and am willing to relinquish them to any rider who is willing to take them," says Haskell. "My main focus is techniques and fundamental training. Teaching people the skills it takes to RIDE motocross. I can teach anybody who's willing to learn."

This is a hands on training with maximum 2 students per coach! Evening classes on a well lit track are also available to allow riders to escape the blistering summer heat.

For non-competitive and less experienced riders AdMo-Tours offers a Learn to Ride and Ride to Improve program, a combination of focused instruction where students learn the aspects of dirt bike riding coupled with free riding time on the trails to try out new techniques, all under the watchful eye of AdMo-Tours' experienced instructors.

"Whether you just want to try riding for a day, you're a newcomer who wants to learn the fantastic sport of dirt bike riding, a street rider who wants to experience a new dimension of motorcycle riding or a dirt bike rider who wants to improve, this training program will provide you with well-rounded riding instruction and some good riding based on your goals," says head instructor Uwe Diemer.

At AdMo-Tour’s dirt bike training programs, it's all about fun.

For first timers aged six and up AdMo-Tours offers now the hands-on instruction in their MSF True Beginner School. The one day class, offered at 6,000 ft. above sea level near the mountain high ski resort, includes basic riding techniques, clutch and throttle control, starting and stopping, riding position and balance, turning techniques, riding safety and crossing obstacles. These classes fill up quickly and may be restricted by age group, so anyone interested in coming in at the True Beginner level is encouraged to sign up quickly.

More experienced riders can spend a day or two riding a dirt bike through desert and mountains of California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico or enjoy spectacular scenery during multiple day tours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through Death Valley or to the rim of the Grand Canyon, etc.

"Explore the western USA from its high peaks to the lowest point of the Americas on a dualsport bike," encourages Diemer. "It’s a great addition to your business trip or vacation."

For more information visit AdMo-Tours on the web at www.AdMo-Tours.com or contact their general headquarters in California at 760-249-1105.