Brown Earns 2nd at WORCS Round 6

Toutle, WA – Shock Doctor/KTM Factory rider Mike Brown earned a bitter 2nd place finish at the sixth round of the WORCS Series after leading the majority of the race.

Brown nailed the holeshot and led the pack for the first five laps of the race. Right before the gas stop he crashed and dropped to 3rd. While the lead riders pitted for gas he stayed out an extra lap and regained the lead position once more. Brown decided to pit on the sixth lap and managed to fill up with gas and jump back onto the course still in the lead.

Brown continued to run in the number one position until approximately five minutes before the finish when he suffered another crash. He was able to remount quickly but could not get his KTM started as quickly as he would have hoped and Bobby Bonds was able to move around him and take over first place. Brown recovered and finished right behind him in 2nd. “It was a disappointing race today because I made two mistakes that could have been avoided that cost me the win. The Shock Doctor/KTM team is 100% behind me – we had a great pit today which got me back on the track quick. I can’t thank the team enough I hope to have a win for them at the next round,” commented Brown.

His teammate, Justin Soulè was right behind him on the start of the race rounding the first turn in 2nd position. Unfortunately, Soulè encountered a bike problem on the first lap and had dropped to 18th after it was sorted out. As he was making his charge back through the pack he collided with another rider, and although neither of them fell, the other rider’s bike broke Soulè’s rear brake system and he had to ride without rear brakes the remainder of the moto. Despite a troubled race Soulè finished inside the top ten with a 9th overall.

Next Event: Olympia, WA – August 1-2, 2009

Overall Race Results:

  1. Bobby Bonds
  2. Mike Brown – KTM
  3. Taylor Robert
  4. Joshua Strang
  5. Kyle Summers
  6. Timmy Weigand
  7. Ricky Dietrich
  8. Nick Brozovich
  9. Justin Soulè – KTM
  10. Rory Sullivan

Overall Point Standings:

  1. Mike Brown – 129
  2. Bobby Bonds – 128
  3. Ricky Dietrich – 117
  4. Timmy Wiegand – 95
  5. Justin Soulè – 93