Thunder Valley Outdoor MX National Fan Fest Moving to Larger Venue

Denver - Sun Enterprises, Colorado’s largest motorcycle dealership, announced today that they will be hosting the Lucas Oil / MX Sports Thunder Valley Pro Motocross Fan Fest, a combination autograph session and street festival, on Friday, June 26th, 2009. This will be the one and only official Fan Fest held this year, as no other Fan events are planned at the Thunder Valley track.

“For the last 5 years the Fan Fest has been held at the Thunder Valley Track”, said Sun GM Mark Kite, “but the location was not ideal. Parking was a problem and the promoter didn’t have the staff to deal with a large amount of fans while he was also busy trying to prep the track for Saturday’s race. Since we have an ideal location and plenty of room, we volunteered to host the Fan Fest at Sun”.

Sun has arranged with the City of Thornton to close down an entire city block adjacent to their sprawling eight acre campus, creating room for a spacious Sponsor Village and other attractions. Centered in Sun’s main parking lot will be the interview stage and autograph tent. Pro racers from all major teams, both factory and privateer, are expected to attend. “This will be the best and only chance for Fans from all over the Rocky Mountains to meet their favorite riders in person, and get a souvenir or autograph”, said Kite. “It’s going to be tons of fun”.

The Thunder Valley Outdoor Motocross Fan Fest will be held from 4:00pm until 8:00 pm, Friday June 26th. A color guard will open the rider introductions at 5:30pm. There is no charge for admission or parking at the Fan Fest. Due to city regulations pets are not allowed. Tickets for the Saturday night National Motocross race will be available for sale.

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Sun Enterprises
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About Sun Enterprises, Colorado’s Largest Motorcycle Dealership
Denver, May 7th 2009:  Sun Enterprises, Colorado’s largest motorcycle dealership, announced today that they will be the site of the official Thunder Valley Outdoor Motocross National Fan Fest, a combination autograph session and celebration of the return of AMA Professional Racing to Colorado, on June 26th 2009. Here’s some background info on Sun:

  • Sun is a family–owned business, in operation for 37 years at the current location.  A strategy of steady growth combined with a pay-as-you-grow financial philosophy has allowed Sun to evolve into a modern, top-10 nationally recognized dealership.

  • Originally a Suzuki and Cushman dealership, Sun now handles 4 major brands (Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM), plus Polaris ATV’s and a multitude of smaller lines.

  • An 11 time recipient of Kawasaki’s “Ichiban” award, and a 10 time Honda National Sales Volume Leader, Sun is easily the largest power sports dealer in the Rocky Mountain West, as measured in sales, physical size or number of employees (100+).

  • Sun’s “campus” is situated in the north Denver suburb of Thornton, 2 blocks east of the busy I-25 / 84th Ave interchange. The business occupies 4 buildings spread over a 5 acre site, with a total enclosed space of nearly 80,000 sq. ft.

  • With an active online presence, a robust racing division, and a close connection with their customers via clubs and training programs, Sun Enterprises retains the aura of an old-school family bike shop, yet transformed into a next-generation, world-class power sports dealership.