Ponca City MX Launches New Website

The park has a new website that will offer information about the town and track. This will help out of state families with their visit to the NMA Grand Nationals. We are still working some kinks out but should be completely up to speed shortly.

We will have a page with local businesses such as, hotels, restaurants, stores and gas stations. This page will also have the ability to map the business for directions since most everyone at the national will be from out of town.

 There will be trivia questions you can answer to get your name entered into a drawing that will be taking place at the national with some cool prizes.

This year we are trying to get the results online shortly after the motos. So bring your laptops to check your results because the whole town of Ponca City is now Wi-Fi. So you can be on the internet anywhere at the track.

Check the website regularly for updates.