WORCS Round 5 Report

May 12, 2009 10:48am | by:

  • Bobby Bonds
  • This is the first win of the year for the 2008 champion
Milford, California - Valli Motorsports’ Bobby Bonds earned his first WORCS win of 2009 with a decisive victory over an all-star field of riders at round five at the Honey Lake facility in northern California. Bonds, the defending WORCS Champion, got his typical bad start and worked his way up through the pack early in the first half hour to take over the lead. From that point forward, Bonds gapped the field by recording the fastest lap of the day and went on to win by almost two full minutes.

Second place went to Team FMF Makita Suzuki Off Road’s Nathan Woods. Woods gated well and battled with Bonds early on. In fact, Woods was the only rider to pass Bonds all day. Woods second place finish is his best result so far in the 2009 season.

KTM’s Mike Brown took a well earned third place finish, which also put him back in the points lead. Brown who ran in the lead pack, suffered arm pump, crashes and other set-backs then pushed hard into the second hour to move into third and held it to the end.

Brown’s KTM teammate Justin Soule challenged Brown all day on his way to fourth place. Soule came from as far back as 10th to charge forward and finish just seconds behind Brown for an impressive fourth.

Fifth place went to Taylor Robert, who also came from way back to make it into the top five.  Ricky Dietrich, who has won three WORCS rounds this season, had an off day taking ninth place.

{LINKS}Bonds victory would’ve netted him 30 points and put him in a tie for second with Dietrich with 103 each, just one point behind Brown; however the Valli Motorsports team was penalized under WORCS "Radio Communications Rule". Each Valli Motorsports team member was penalized 10 points and a team fine was levied on the team. “The issue was the team manger was well beyond any authorized area and a formal protest was filed by another team” said Sean Reddish of WORCS. The competition committee was assembled and ruled immediately following the protest. Therefore, under the rules, Bonds still earned his victory and 30 points, but he and the other members of the team will each be penalized 10 points for this event. So Bonds nets 20 points and moves to third in the standing with 93/1 win.