24 Minutes with James Stewart

Somehow, incredibly, James finds a bit of time to talk to me.

Me: James, as we do this interview, it’s been a week since you clinched the title. What has that week been like?
James Stewart: Well, obviously Saturday night we went out a little bit with my team. After the whole thing was done, I left the track and got back to my hotel it was already 2 o'clock. I went out and hung out with the team, I got back it was like 6:30 in the morning. We went to that Rehab place at the Hard Rock Hotel, it was like a little pool party deal. So that was Sunday and we did that until 6 at night. Then I went to a show and then Monday I was driving home, and I actually drove from Vegas to California and drove straight to the airport. I didn't even go home, and I flew out to Portland. I went up to Nike for a couple days and I was up there doing some commercials and some photo shoots and stuff like that. So I was up there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, flew to Bell Helmets on Wednesday night, was up at Bell on Thursday and then got home Friday and then today I went riding a little bit. I'll go riding and then I have a San Manual thing and then tomorrow I've got to go to an air show to do.

 So one day of fun really.
I could keep on going if you want. Basically I got two days off next week of doing nothing and the other days are filled up.

 So yeah, really you've had one day really to treasure it and then you kind of still keep going, huh? The train never stops!
The train doesn't stop and it’s kind of tough because I don't party so I went out and had a good time obviously and dude, I was ruined, I mean I'm still recovering right now.

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