EKS(X) Brand Goggles Finish on the Podium

Las Vegas, NV- EKS(X) Brand goggles would like to congratulate team riders Timmy Weigand and James Gardiner on  their recent podium finishes at the Las Vegas Mini-Moto held at the Orleans Arena this past weekend.

Weigand took second place in the prestigious 12” Expert class using our GOX Liquid series of goggles and tear-offs. Timmy once again proved that he can win at moto, WORCS races, Hare and Hound and now on the little machines as well. He’s a well rounded, versatile rider.

Gardiner won the 12” Youth Stock/Mod class using the X-Grom goggles which is specially designed for the little moto warriors in your family. James would like to thank his other sponsors as well, Mesquite MX Park, Thor, RG3 Suspension, Varner Motosports, Carter Powersports and Mototec.

For some images of our riders in action, visit Dirt Rider magazine right HERE.

For more information on EKS(X) Brand goggles, please visit eksbrand.com.

EKS(X) Brand Goggle is a product of over 25 years of eyewear experience. The world-class design of the GOX goggle has all of the necessary features that a high-end goggle requires to keep you seeing your way clear to the finish line.