DMXS Tonight

Factory Kawasaki’s Timmy Ferry has been off the radar since his injury at Daytona, but our listeners have asked for an update and that’s exactly what Timmy will give us tonight on his recovery and if we will see him on the line at Glen Helen.
Factory Red Bull Honda’s Davi Millsaps finished out the SX season strong after he admitted to struggling a bit early on. As we have seen the last few years, he has the speed to do some damage in the outdoors and with a supercross season under his belt on the new bike, it should be interesting.
Pro Circuit’s Jake Weimer had a hell of a first season under the big green tent where Mitch Payton continues to churn out champions. While Jake didn’t wrap up a title, he made sure that everyone knew he was a serious contender as the outdoors quickly approach. Jake is known for saying whatever is on his mind and always makes for an interesting interview.
Don’t even ask me how this happened, but I swear that having Racer X’s Steve Matthes on the same show as Ferry is a complete coincendence? All kidding aside, Steve has been doing some great work with his Racer X pod casts, Direct MX, and on his blog at where you will find some neato content including some cool stories from the industry’s top names. Steve will help us wrap up this crazy supercross season in his own unique way.
Shift gear has always pushed the envelope and that’s just how Rob Salcedo likes it. Their gear and attitude buck normal trends and they don’t apologize for it either. Rob will be on to give us the latest on Shift including the news that Justin Brayton will be sporting their stuff in the big boy class outdoors. Check out for all the goodies.
You know we love us some Weege whenever we can get some. It looks like the stars have aligned and the versatile Jason Weigandt will be calling in from his vast estate in West Virginia.
Everyone knows that behind every great man is an even greater woman and the industry’s best gals can be found within the Women’s Motocross and Supercross Foundation. Their time and selfless contributions to our sport continue to be the standard where you find those most in need. Antoinette "One of the coolest names ever" Gress will be on tonight to let us know about the upcoming Motobowl on May 21st, the Thursday before Glen Helen. Once again fans will have the opportunity to bowl with their favorite rider or just hang out and enjoy the festivities. Check out for more information and links to the rider eBay auctions. This is for a great cause, so please help spread the word and links around to other sites.
Wednesday 8-11pm EST