23 Minutes with Ron Lechien

April 10, 2009 10:15am | by:

You’re not Ron Lechien. That’s too bad really because the rider who was nicknamed “The Dogger” was one of those guys that was a prodigal son type. Read on...

He was born and bred to be a motocross star, but like in a lot of those cases, something went awry. The fact that he won as many races as he did still amazes the native of El Cajon, California because there was many weeks when he wouldn’t touch his bike all week until it was time to race. The excesses are legendary as you can imagine involving a kid with time on his hands and a lot of money. What’s also legendary, as he’ll tell you, is that he survived and around to talk about those days. This is a twenty-three minute, 7 second conversation that I had with him yesterday.

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