MX-TECH BSIX5 Fork Dominates at Whitney and Oak Hill

The MXT BSIX5 fork kit is gaining momentum, scoring wins and garnering success in the United States and Europe.  

Houston TX based Tuner Josh Rogers of EBR Performance found the right rider--Cade Walker. The MX-TECH BSIX5 fork worked flawlessly helping the talented young Cade dominate the competition.

Recently, Jeremy Wilkey Traveled to Oak Hill to observe the competition, and make connections with different riders, customers, and had the following comments: “We've been seeing the data pour in. The quality, attention to detail and superior engineering are translating to greater control, increased traction and lap time reduction. We feel this is the premiere 65 fork. Our BSIX5 racing success is helping us prove that point.

The MXT BSIX5 fork kit is easy to install, fully adjustable, and something any race dad or tuner can appreciate.”

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