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March 13, 2009 9:46am | by:

  • Paul is full of crap. Loud pipes are just annoying.
Dear ping,

If loud pipes save lives (I saw it on a bumper sticker), am I killing people by running a quiet pipe on my bike. 


Dear Mark,

I’ve given this an extensive amount of thought. And after sitting cross-legged on the floor of my room with my eyes closed, index and thumb connected, incense burning and focusing on the question for over two hours I had an epiphany. And that was that your question is dumb. A dirty biker with a long beard, Hepatitis C and a wrinkled body covered in tattoos that has no idea what he’s talking about made that bumper sticker. Quiet pipes actually save riding areas. You can go ahead and make a bumper sticker out of that but I doubt it will sell.


  • Hey, look who's in Travis's
Hey Ping...
I'm a long-time fan of all the features in Racer X magazine and website. One of the great enhancements to the new Racer X website is the "Fan of the Week" archive. 
While clicking through and being captivated by most of the many fans I thought you would be the best person to share thoughts of a convergence of that feature with another called, "Where are they now?"

At what point do the models and other finely talented fans become submissions to the human equivalent to "Your Collection"?
Your thoughts?
Mike B. in San Diego

Dear Mike,

I hadn’t given that much thought before but you are certainly on to something. I’d watch a thirty-minute television program that covered Josh Demuth’s “collection.” Maybe I wouldn’t schedule my day around it but I would absolutely TiVo it and then watch it at a later time. Well, if I had TiVo and knew how to operate it and all that. My point is that there would be some nice machinery in there. I’ll bet Denny Stephenson would have an extensive collection as well. In fact, most racers I know could fill a garage with their former “fans” and it would make for a pretty entertaining piece. And then they could produce an expose called “Six Degrees of Separation” starring Leticia Cline that would tie it all together. I’ll look into it, Mike.


  • James and his cohort caught in the act while Josh Hill watches in horror. Authorities have been notified.
Hey Ping,

Just wondering if you can tell me what's up with James Stewart running his levers at such a weird angle.  I think it makes his bike look kind of like an amateur's.


Dear Ron,

Well, Ron, I didn’t know you were the head of the lever police but I’ll certainly let James know that he is in violation of MX-penal code 329er that says something about the positioning of your levers. He’s clearly out of regulation and will be cited until he gets his levers back to an acceptable location. While we’re discussing his flagrant disregard for the law maybe we should touch on the fact that at Daytona he also had his front fender and handlebars out of alignment after his first turn crash. That is clearly an illegal move and he’s looking at some serious community service hours if he gets caught. And then there is the attempted Grand Theft Moto charge that could be brought against him for trying to take off with Josh Hill’s bike. Larry Brooks was his accomplice and should be questioned as well. No word on whether or not Hill is pressing charges. I’ll keep my eye on Mr. Stewart for you, Ron. Keep up the good work.