Man and Machine's 2009 Transformx TFX C2 Works Kit

Man and Machine and Concept2 have joined forces to create an endurance training system that focuses on proper body position with intensity equivalent to, or exceeding actual sport conditions.  Concept2 rower sold separately

TFX-C2 WORKS KIT. This kit was designed as a full featured functional exercise system for athletes that already have or are planning to purchase the Concept2 rower. The TFX-C2 WK combined with the Concept 2 indoor rower is the ultimate Endurance Moto Training weapon. 

Rob Hill of Man and Machine says that “we were able to make the new Transformx TFX works kit more affordable without sacrificing features”  The 2009 TFX-C2 comes in at $329.95 which saves about ten percent if you were to buy each part separately.

Man and Machine and Concept2 would like to like to congratulate all of the riders and teams currently using Concept2 rowers and Transformx.  For those of you who are not yet using our Moto training systems we look forward to hearing from you.  Stop by the KTM Muscle Milk Mobile Training Center to check out the latest advancements in MOTO training.

For 2009 all Transformx Moto Endurance Systems include a free MOTOE e-book. Intro to MOTOCROSS Training with Transformx from

Transformx and Concept2 are currently being used by:

Aldon Baker: Trainer of JSE, SAN MANUEL FACTORY YAMAHA’s James Stewart 2008 undefeated AMA motocross champion. Roger, Ricky and Tommy Hayden and many other top athletes.

Robb Beams:  Trainer of Factory Honda Red Bull racing’s Ashley Fiolek 2008 WMA Pro National champion.  Contact:   MOTOE - 

Greg Direnzo: Trainer of GEICO POWERSPORTS, FACTORY CONNECTION Honda’s Trey Canard.  2008 East coast champion Contact:

Charles Dao:  Trainer of  KTM Muscle Milk’s Justin Brayton and GEICO POWERSPORTS, FACTORY CONNECTION Dan Reardon, X Game Champion Jeremy Steinberg.  

Travis Pastrana:  Former Supercross champion, X game legend and creator of Nitro Circus

Contact and Transformx info:

Rob Hill
907 230 3775

For Information on Concept2 indoor rower’s contact:

Greg Hammond
Motocross sales
802 888 7971 EXT 3074