SoundGate iPod Cable Pack

How about the easiest way to listen to an iPod while on the road or water, and it stays charged?

SoundGate iPod Cable Pack – msrp $79.95

Anybody can do it. Plug into your source unit aux-input, and connect your iPod. Continuous, clear audio throughout your speaker system.

SoundGate iPod Car Solution Easy as Plugging into Source Unit’s Aux-Input

STILLWATER, USA – The SoundGate iPod Cable Pack is taking the same revolutionary path to become as common in the front seat as the cigarette-lighter adapter or the hands-free phone. This simple, in-car entertainment solution will have even the most tech-challenged enjoying iPods while behind the wheel. The iPod Cable Pack gives iPod users everything needed to easily plug in, continually charge, and play their personal soundtrack during any drive. It’s as simple as plugging into a vehicle’s source unit aux-input and connecting the iPod. 

Ultimately, the iPod Cable Pack contains a microprocessor (called CORE) and universal set of cables – everything an iPod needs to provide entertainment in a vehicle. The pack also yields a 1/8-inch stereo minijack cable for connecting to the aux-input; an audio/video RCA breakout cable for sharing music or movies; a cigarette-lighter power adapter/charger; and a permanent power harness/charger for those who require hookup from a fixed location. 

*If vehicle is pre-aux-in, SoundGate offers a complete line of specific interfaces that provide an aux-in for a source unit. iPod audio and charging in an older vehicle is still a reality with SoundGate. 

Available at any SoundGate authorized dealer (found on, and many other car audio dealers. Also can order it through,,, or with free shipping and remote at