Transformx Australia

Man and Machine brings Advanced Physiotherapy on board as its official distrbutor of Transformx in Australia. We are very pleased to be working with John of Advanced.  His company brings a a great deal of knowledge about motocross specific training programs to the sport and Transformx is a perfect fit for their programs.  We look forwad to working with John, Advanced Physiotherapy and all of his athletes in Australia. 
John Appel of Advance Physiotherapy is very excited to become the exclusive distributor of the Transformx moto endurance system in Australia.  John has been the trainer and physiotherapist for Darryll King of the Subway/Yamaha team for the last 3 years.  Using the TransforMX bars not only reduces stress to the wrist joint but totally isolates the MX muscles giving great results on the bike!  With DK’s wrist fracture in December we started him as soon as possible on the TransforMX in preparation for the World Vet Champs.  After the first workout DK reported that his muscles felt like they had just done a moto and he wasn’t even back on the bike yet! 

Sport specific training is the only way an athlete can gain that edge over the competition.  TransforMX will take your riding to the next level.  For sales and Dealer enquires John can be reached at (phone)+64 7 850 9901  (cell)  +64 021 245 3508 (email) or web