40 Minutes with James Stewart

Right off the bat, thanks for doing this and how many dudes like me call you every day wanting something?
I talked to Steve Cox two nights ago, I talked to the ESPN dudes two nights ago, I talked to another lady from ESPN yesterday.I have the Nike people over for a photo shoot today and yesterday. This week has been pretty calm actually (laughs)

Yeah sounds like it, I can’t imagine a guy like you and all the requests you must get from jerkys like me.
Yeah, a lot. I used to talk and not really know what I was talking about and then I used to not like doing interviews for a while because people would take my words and turn them around and things like that. But now I’m ok with doing them and I like them again.

Your bike is a lot better than it was at the earlier rounds and I’m curious to know how much you yelled at Larry Brooks after Anaheim 2? I want to know what went down after that race.
To be honest, nothing really, we talked after the race and it wasn’t his fault. I’ve always been the person to take the fault with my team, even going back to the days at Kawasaki. When that thing would throw my over the handlebars I would still say it was good. I knew that it wasn’t his fault, the direction we went was more my direction and I couldn’t be mad at him for that. So instead of going back and getting mad at each other, we went back and worked on it and won six races in a row.

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