Privateers Photos from Anaheim 3

From Stephane Roncada:

Since last week's Privateers photo gallery was so popular, I made sure I took a lot more photos of them for this week's gallery! Some of you asked for a bunch of pics showing the privateers in the pits, working on their bikes at night and such. So along with racing photos, I shot a bunch of really cool pits images, showing privateers and their mecanics/family working on their bike in between races, under the light from the parking lot's light poles, standing in huge water puddles from all the rain earlier that day.

I hope you enjoy this week's Privateers gallery as much as last week's! And check back later this week if you wanna see all the other photos I have from the races and the people of Anaheim 3. I'll also be in San Diego next weekend shooting the event, so you'll have even more pics to look at next week...

Click the image below to view the Privateers photo galleries.