Thunderlite News

Anthony Presby of Thunderlite checks out Hayes Diversified bikes. Hayes Diversified, military provider since 1961. These Diesel motorcyles are capable of 125mpg. Learn more

Thunderlite planning a presence at GNCC's For 2009! Thunderlite and PSI Powersport Institute are coming to the 2009 series to give away a scholorship to the Institue. If you want to work on anything and everything from ATV to Jet ski snowmobiles Harleys whatever! If you want a first class education checkout

Also, don't forget Helmet guard or Fenderliners from have been tested by professional racers and have been proven to keep the mud off. Remember, 7 lbs is 1hp "Lose the weight not the race!".Keep your helmet chip free with Helmet guard from Use what the pros use, check it out!