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January 18, 2009 5:30am

This week's collection comes from John Huber of Brentwood, CA. Have something cool to share? Everyone that submits a piece from their collection from now until January 31st will be entered to win a free Throttle Jockey t-shirt. You will be notified via e-mail if you are the winner! Please include your shirt size.

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This my 1993 CR125. I decided to restore this model for a couple reasons. 1993 was a great year for Honda in both the 125cc and 250cc class. Everyone knows McGrath won his first SX championship on the 250, but Doug Henry also piloted the 125 to a 125 East Supercross title and 125 National Championship. Also, I owned and raced a 1993 CR250 back in the day and wish I would have never sold it. Having never owned a 125cc Honda, I had to grab this bike when I saw it for sale.

I thought about restoring a true vintage bike, but I wanted a bike with suspension that could handle modern motocross tracks. This bike has not disappointed. It is a lot of fun to be back on a two stroke after many years on a four stroke 450.  I have included before and after photos. It was not running when I bought it. After replacing the CDI and stator, I updated the plastic, sprockets, chain, silencer, pegs, levers, and shifter. It is 90% restored with a few more things on the “to do” list.

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