DirtAlliance.com Debuts

Murrieta, CA: Dirt Alliance, a leader in showcasing and promoting the dirt lifestyle, has finally released www.DirtAlliance.com. The website will serve as a portal where people involved in all aspects of the dirt lifestyle from riding dirt bikes to racing trophy trucks to camping at the desert will be able to come and interact with one another.

“The site could not have turned out any better and we are really happy with the final product. This will allow us to take our goal of connecting fellow off road enthusiasts to a whole new level,” said Ken Johnson, Co-Owner of Dirt Alliance.

DirtAlliance.com includes the following features:

-- A community that is solely based to help support the growth and development of the dirt lifestyle through connecting fans, consumers, athletes & businesses

-- Quality Photo and HD Video galleries that showcase the dirt lifestyle. Including Dirt Alliance produced events such as The Dirt Alliance Dirt Tour and The M4SX SXS Stadium Series as well as other major events & happenings within the scene

-- A forum for members to post their thoughts in an open discussion format

-- News to keep you in tune with the latest happenings in all aspects of 2 and 4 wheel off road events, races and the general culture

-- Ladies of DA Photo galleries for all those seeking that special woman with a heart of dirt

Dirt Alliance is a brand that promotes and markets the dirt lifestyle to the next generation of enthusiasts through interactive events and progressive multimedia content. As a core brand that is fueling an emerging culture, Dirt Alliance focuses its efforts on bridging the gap between today's youth consumer & the brands that fuel the scene. What was Founded in 2002 by Travis Siflinger with a simple vision of selling apparel and DVDs has now taken form as a movement focused on strength, unity, expansion & progression within the dirt industry.