Boost/ampm/Monster/Troy Racing's Jason Lawrence Crashes Out

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Best to get it out of the way now, figures Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing's Jason "JLaw" Lawrence on the streak of bad luck he ran into at the Phoenix Supercross this past Saturday, round two of 2009 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship.

"I've had this happen before, last year to be exact," said Lawrence. "It's not the end of the world, or the end of my WSX title defense. It does suck, though, as I've got to be on the podium from here on out - which is something I pretty much had to do last year as well."

Lawrence, who put up some of the weekend's fastest lap times, opened his heat race (No. 1) with a mid pack start. Rounding the first corner fellow racer Jeff Alessi lost control of his bike and crashed directly in front of Lawrence. At speed and in a crowd there was nowhere for Lawrence to go but down. He got back up in 17th (out of 20) place and charged for a bit before shutting 'er down in order to regroup for the Lites LCQ.

In the LCQ a mistake by another rider, this time No. 36 Kyle Cunningham, would spell the end of the night for Lawrence as the defending WSX champ would hit the deck again. And with less than four laps to go in the LCQ, there wouldn't be enough time for one of JLaw's epic comebacks - like the one he made at the first Anaheim round, coming from nearly last to 5th overall (in 20 laps).

"I got 5th at Phoenix last year and 21st - with no points - at Anaheim 2, then won the next three straight races," said Lawrence. "So this is far from over."

Lawrence's Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing teammate, Nick Wey, got caught up at the start of the Supercross class main event and was barely in the top 15 (14th) after the first lap. The hard-charging veteran would pick away at the rest of the field and make his way into the top ten midway through the contest. However, a wreck towards the latter stages of the race would relegate Wey back in the pack, though he'd remount and salvage a top 15 spot (15th).

Next up for the Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing team is the second of three Anaheim (Calif.) Angel Stadium rounds, this Saturday, Jan. 17th.

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