Virtual Trainer: Simplified Training for Vets

January 8, 2009 3:45pm

By Coach Seiji

You love motocross: that is fairly obvious by the fact that you are surfing this website. You also love to wait that would just be me and a few other crazies out there. I'll be the first to admit that the majority of the training articles posted on Virtual Trainer are geared toward the serious to semi-serious MX athlete. But what about the rest of the MX nation who just wants to ride? Most recreational riders are not competitive and just want to have a little fun on Sunday without getting hurt. Well, Coach Seiji has written a great article that is jetted for the guy who wants to ride more than he does train. In this article, he explains how a minimal amount of training can keep you injury free and offers a routine that puts you in the gym just two days per week. If you follow his advice, I guarantee you the next time you go riding you will have a more fun, feel better at the end of the day, and maybe even prevent an injury that will sideline you from the sport you love....Read More
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