Snow Bike Races at McCall Winter Carnival


McCall, Idaho – The world’s first snow bike races are scheduled to take place during the 44th annual McCall Winter Carnival, on February 7, 2009.  Known as “The Project Filter, 2Moto Ground Zero,” the event will take place on the McCall Golf Course, just off of Main Street in McCall, Idaho and is expected to draw over 1,000 spectators and dozens of participants from across the United States.  Snow biking is a relatively recent form of winter recreation, pioneered by 2Moto™, an Idaho-based company, where a ski and a lightweight, high-performance track are fitted to modern, off-road motorcycles.  2Moto™ snow bikes are easy to maneuver, and weigh as much as 300 pounds less than a snowmobile.  They are also much less expensive, and allow a dirt bike rider to quickly and easily convert his motorcycle for use in the winter.  2Moto™ snow bikes can be ridden around slowly, or jumped and cornered much like a dirt bike.     

Ground Zero will allow snowbike owners and enthusiasts to compete for trophies and prizes on a ¾ mile, groomed track on the McCall Golf Course that will feature both right and left hand turns and four jumps.  The trophy event will allow 2Moto™ snow bike owners, from all over the U.S. and Canada, to compete against each other for trophies and bragging rights.  The Legends event will put famous motorsports legends on the track together including Malcolm Smith, Mike Metzger, Dangerous Darrell Schultz, Alexander Smith, John Junkyard Dog Dowd, Johnny Unser, Steve Hatch, and Kerry, Bret and Robie Peterson.  Ground Zero is presented by Project Filter, 2Moto™, Let’s Ride Suzuki, Edge Performance Sports, Monster Energy, MonaVie, the Idaho Air National Guard, Boondocker’s Nitrous, Charmac Trailers, Pro-Moto Billet, Moto Tech, Beaudry Motorsports, Scott USA, Fly Racing, Sprint Cellular, Hinson Powersports and Beaverton Honda. 

Ground Zero kicks off on Saturday, January 31 at the McCall Golf Course at 2pm, with snow bike demo rides for adults 18-over.  Additional snow bike demos will be run from noon to 5pm on Sunday, February 1, and the race will take place on Saturday, February 7.  Ron Dillon, event spokesman, said, “Many people have heard of snow bikes, but have not yet had an opportunity to ride one.  Ground Zero will be a terrific platform for us to introduce the public to the sport of snow biking, by allowing people to test ride a unit in a safe, controlled environment.  Ground Zero will also feature the biggest lineup of motorsports legends that have ever been assembled in Idaho.  We are also very pleased to see motorsports returning to the McCall Winter Carnival for the first time since 1994.”  

For more information call Ron Dillon at (208) 573-4255, or visit the 2Moto™ website at