Trainer Talk With Daryl Hurley

By Andy Cunningham

Daryl Hurley has had a long and successful career both in New Zealand and Australia with some brief success in the states in 2004. Hurley has been New Zealand's dominant rider winning numerous championships over the years and achieved world wide recognition by winning the 2005 Australian Motocross Championship along with the Rider of the Year award. Hurley had continued success in Supercross that same year until a devastating knee injury left him sidelined and awaiting reconstructive surgery. A healthy Hurley returned in 06' as he dominated the Australian Motocross series until round 8 where he received another season ending knee injury. Daryl returned in 07' to win two more New Zealand championships and runner up status in the Aussie Motocross series. In this Trainer Talk session, Aussie trainer Andy Cunningham sits down with Daryl to talk about life, racing and training. ........Read More
Also new this week on Virtual Trainer: Who says motocross and supercross have all the hot girls? Yamaha Snocross girl Ashlee Painchaud has sent in a few pics that are sure to Fuel Your Inspiration. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever faith you follow this Holiday season. Remember...Training Amplifies Talent!

Next Week: My trip to Florida and in-depth interview with James Stewart. Complete Podcast version (a full 1 hour) and abbreviated typed version.
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