Xmas Countdown: Day 0+2

December 24, 2008 1:00am
The ultimate Christmas present for any motocrosser? The gift of speed. Unfortunately you can't pick that up at your local mall, but you can get it from the guys over at MDK Speed shop.

MDK Speed Stage III Cylinder Head Kit*

MDK has teamed up with Cosworth Engineering to produce the ultimate cylinder head package for your motocross bike. For over 40 years, Cosworth has been the leader in innovative multi valve cylinder head design for both racing and high performance production cars. The MDK SE CNC ported cylinder head design is the latest advancement in 4 Stroke single cylinder motorcycle technology.

Modified from new OEM cylinder head castings, substantial gas flow improvements along with upgraded valve train components offer superior performance and reliability for your high performance engine. Each OEM cylinder head design is carefully evaluated and tested to establish the improvements required to meet the target performance level. Hours of testing and flow bench validation are used to determine the best advanced port design yielding maximum usable power and response.

Once all of these factors have been tested and validated, the final port contour is digitized. Using the digitized program, both intake and exhaust ports are machined using a 5 axis CNC mill which produces an accurate and consistent port shape every time.

After machining, each cylinder head receives a multi-angle high performance valve seat cut on our precision single point CNC valve seat cutter. Then each cylinder head is ultrasonically cleaned, hand assembled with our high performance valve train components, thoroughly inspected, and ready to install on your engine.

Kit Includes:
• New OEM Cylinder Head – No core required.
• MDK SE 5 Axis CNC porting by Cosworth
• Copper alloy valve seats – KTM cylinder head also offers special alloy valve guides.
• MDK SE Titanium Valves
• MDK SE Valve Spring Kit
• MDK SE Piston Kit (with gaskets)
• Complete assembly of valve train components
• Racing camshaft
• Manual cam chain tensioner

Price: Honda CRF250: $2,799.00 KTM250SXF $3,499.00
*Connecting rod kit sold separately