Shock Doctor, Inc. Announces Partners in Motocross and Supercross

MINNEAPOLIS – Shock Doctor, Inc. a global leader in superior sports protection, today announces its 2009 national sponsorships of motocross and supercross teams and events. Shock Doctor is an official sponsor of the 2009 Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit and Action Sports Medicine Foundation (ASMF), and of top-performing teams GEICO Powersports Honda Team and Joe Gibbs Racing Team. With these sponsorships, Shock Doctor will be a premier supporter of athletes in the action sports community, kicking off with the first supercross event on Jan. 3 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.

“We are extremely excited by the opportunity to partner with these organizations,” said Steven Coopersmith, senior vice president of marketing for Shock Doctor, Inc. “Providing fearless athletes with unparalleled protection is our passion, and we are thrilled our innovative designs and technology will improve the safety of this increasingly popular sport at all levels.”

“We enthusiastically welcome Shock Doctor as a partner to our team,” said J.C. Waterhouse, team manager for GEICO Powersports Honda Team. “Safety is of utmost importance to us, so this is a tremendous opportunity to partner with a company who is a perfect fit with our sport, and to provide our riders the best possible protective gear.”

In 2009, the Asterisk Mobile Medic Unit will be equipped with Shock Doctor’s Eject Helmet Removal System at all motocross and supercross events. Pulling a helmet off of a crash victim can cause injury to the neck and spine. The Eject system allows for safe emergency removal of a helmet, by pushing it off the head after the spine has been immobilized. Because the helmet is lifted and not pulled, the crash victim’s head and neck are stabilized and the potential for further injury is significantly reduced. All emergency medical technicians and paramedics working inside the unit will be trained on its use. The Shock Doctor logo will be worn by the medical personnel, and the vehicle will be branded with Shock Doctor material.

Shock Doctor has a similar sponsorship with the Action Sports Medicine Foundation, the presiding medical unit at amateur motocross and action sport events across the country. The partnership illustrates Shock Doctor’s mission to protect all athletes at all levels.

As GEICO Powersports Honda Team and Joe Gibbs Racing Team sponsors, Shock Doctor will provide the teams the opportunity to experience their advanced impact and core gear, mouthguards, insoles and gear bags. Shock Doctor has supplied the entire roster of both teams – including riders, mechanics and managers – with Power Dry™ gear bags and helmet bags, and the accompanying Power Dry blowers and helmet dryers. Designed for life on the track, these patented products circulate heated, ionized and ozonated air to dry and deodorize the contents of the bag and eliminate MRSA, staph and other bacteria that can grow on damp clothes and gear. Riders will also be provided with the Power Gravity 2 mouthguard, which molds to the lower teeth to allow for unrestricted breathing; premium insoles specially designed for moto boots to meet the unique demands of motocross and supercross; and X-Fit™ compression moto shorts designed to prevent chafing with a comfortable, supportive fit.

The sponsorships signify Shock Doctor’s continued commitment to improved safety for all levels of competitive motocross and supercross racing.

Customized Shock Doctor products have been supplied and hi-res images are available of the products.

About Shock Doctor, Inc.
Shock Doctor is a global brand leader that uses innovative technology and design to provide superior protection and enhanced performance for people who are passionate about their sports. In addition to a full line of patented, technologically-advanced mouthguards, Shock Doctor offers a comprehensive line of innovative performance protection products, including core protective gear for hockey, football, baseball, soccer, martial arts and boxing; lacrosse and motorsports equipment; and a full line of Power Dry™ Gear Bag Systems. Shock Doctor products are used by athletes at all levels of competition. The company is headquartered in Plymouth,Minnesota.