RWR Announces 2009 US Tour

RWR is excited to announce the team’s third consecutive season since expanding the NASCAR program into the AMA Supercross, Motocross and Arenacross.  “Coming off a record season for an independent 450 team with a podium at Daytona, a fourth at San Francisco, and qualifying for the Main event at 15 rounds, we achieved our goals personally, but most importantly, we accomplished them for our sponsors”, stated Team Owner, Rick Ware.

“With the new format and new sponsor, the AMA Outdoor Motocross fits into our business model perfectly, and we look forward to running the series once again after being absent since 2007.”

RWR will not be doing the AMA Supercross Series for 2009, and will use that energy to focus on a new venture with Dave Antolak, bringing increased management, funding and marketing, to form an even stronger powerhouse in the Arenacross for many years.

The AMA Arenacross and AMA Motocross Series will make up about 30% of the 100 plus races of the RWR US Tour throughout the 2009 season, which includes every major NASCAR division as well.

“We will be making our sponsorship announcements in the next few days after we dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s, so stay tuned”, stated Ware.