2009 Racer X Gas Card

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If you’re a fan of supercross, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard about the Racer X Gas Card program. We’ve been running it for almost a decade now, but for 2009 we’re doing things a little differently...

In the past we auctioned off the opportunity (on a first come, first serve basis) to become a Racer X Gas Card sponsor on the Mototalk message board. You were required to be a member of Mototalk (www.motonews.com) and two different Mototalk members would sign up for each race (with the exception of Daytona). For a sponsorship of $250, each person then received two VIP weekend tickets, with all-day-and-night pit passes, and a pair of seats in the press box. Racer X then kicked in an additional $250 making for a grand total of $750, which goes directly to the third-place finisher in the AMA Supercross class Last Chance Qualifier.

For 2009 we’re moving it right here. Instead of luck and timing, we are going to give everyone a chance to make a case for why they should be the one selected for the race of their choosing. We’ll then go through and pick TWO sponsors for each supercross.

But that’s not all. Each sponsor then has an assignment. We want to hear about your experience after the event, and we will share your story and photos on RacerXOnline.com.

Are you interested in becoming a Racer X Gas Card sponsor? Email us at online@racerxonline.com and tell us in 100 words or less why you should be the Racer X Gas Card sponsor, and for what event. Please include your name, address and contact info., and we'll notify each sponsor when we make our decision. 

A special thanks to Feld Motor Sports for letting us continue on with this program, and thanks to everyone who has supported this program in the past.