Your Collection

Matt from Throttle Jockey here. Thought I’d chime in as we wrap up another year of Your Collection on RacerX Online. The first submission that we received for YC was on April 3, 2005, from Mick Varsava in Canada who had a1975 Honda MR50 Elsinore. Now that would be a Christmas present! Since then we have had everything from belt buckles to a Japanese movie poster for On Any Sunday. Since we are knocking on the door of Christmas I thought it would be fitting to pick this week's submission that has a flavor of the season. During this time of year I think of toys, kids, food, snow, canceled school and of course, supercross! So this week I picked a submission that rolls all of this up in one. Read on, you’ll get the idea.

P.S. Thanks to the entire staff at Racer X and everyone who has ever submitted. Keep them coming!

This week's collection comes from Carter Biese and dad:

"What do you give a kid that has every action figure known to man? How about a track on which to play with them. Attached are two pics of my son, Carter, with his scaled-down version of the 2006 Orlando Supercross track. It probably took us longer to build this version than it does for Dirt Wurx to build the real thing, but he loves it and burns at least three main events on it everyday! More than luck than by design, we managed to get every jump, whoop, step-up, etc., that is on the track map at on the scaled-down version of the track!"

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