Virtual Trainer: Holiday Survival

By Kim Wathen M.S. Exercise Physiologist/Dietitian

If you tuned in over the Thanksgiving break, I recommended that you give yourself a break and go crazy when it came to eating. Forget about counting calories, watching carbs, and eating low fat; the holidays are about rewarding yourself and letting go for a day. Notice I said a day; not the entire holiday season. If you are finding it hard to back away from the table or if you find yourself attending holiday luncheons everyday, Dietician Kim Wathen is here to give you three simple steps to follow that will allow you to enjoy the rest of 08' without having to pay for it in 09'........Read More
Also new this week on Virtual Trainer: Who says motocross and supercross have all the hot girls? Yamaha Snocross girl Ashlee Painchaud has sent in a few pics that are sure to Fuel Your Inspiration. If you are still looking for a gift to give that motocross athlete on your list, give the gift of training. Check out our advertisers Christmas specials. Remember...Training Amplifies Talent!

Next Week: This week, I am in Florida spending a few days with James Stewart. Next week I'll tell you all about it!
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