Your Collection

December 14, 2008 1:58am
This week's collection comes from Dr. David Wick:

"I am responding to your email to Austin White in regards to a vintage bike collection that I own. My name is Dr. David Wick. Austin White runs a motocross website called, as well as being a patient and a personal friend of mine. He did an interview with me, as I take care of a significant number of local and national pro motocrossers in my chiropractic practice. I am an avid MXer as well, and have followed MX for about 30 years. The vintage bikes came up in our conversation, and he was surprised to see the number of bikes in my garage. You can go to and look up the David Wick interview for some details on the collection. Many bikes in the garage weren't photographed, but we listed the collection in the article. Some of the bikes have made it to the track, but not all. If you don't find enough information on his website, my cell phone number is 623-326-1860, and I'll be happy to chat with you about them!"

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