Virtual Trainer: Rehabbing Stewart's ACL

By Aldon Baker

Aldon Baker is a busy man tending to his athletes. He travels the world with his MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden, gets to rub elbows with NASCAR's elite while tending to his driver Jamie McMurray and has been responsible for the success of two of the fastest riders in motocross history; first Ricky Carmichael and now James Stewart. When one of Aldon's athletes goes down with an injury you can be certain that they are provided some of the best care that money can buy. One such injury that Aldon knows all too well is the ACL knee injury: RC tore his up in 04', Ben Townley damaged his in 06' and James came back from a complete repair just last year. You may think that since these athletes are the kings of our sport that the treatment they receive is reserved just for them. Not true, and in this article, Aldon reveals how he cared for and brought these riders back from what could have been career ending knee injuries. All with rehab techniques and nutrition available to everyone! >> Read More
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