This Week's Birthdays

December 7, 2008 10:05am | by:

  • Earl May
  • Keith Johnson
  • Darrell Shultz
  • Justin Buckelew
  • Ron Lechien
December 8: Sano System’s Jimmy Gallegos  

December 10:
Bridgestone’s Bob Graham  

December 10:
Longtime journeymen Earl May is one of the most competitive vet racers around. In 2004, he won the Plus 40 class at Loretta Lynn’s.  

December 10:
DeCal Works’ Scott Zont  

December 11:
Team Green’s Keith Johnson had quite a year in 2008. He won two titles at Loretta Lynn’s in the Plus 25 and 35 classes. Then, two weeks ago, he went down to the Winter National Olympics at Gatorback Cycle Park and won five more titles. Not a bad year for the veteran.  

December 11:
In 1981, Darrell Shultz won three supercrosses and was rewarded with a Team Honda ride. Then, he backed that up by winning the 1982 AMA 500cc National Motocross Championship, and probably would have won more races and titles if devastating knee injuries hadn’t cut his career short.  

December 11:
WORCS competitor Lance Smail  

December 12: In 2001, Justin Buckelew looked to be on his way to be the next big thing. He won a 125cc Supercross main at San Diego and had consistent rides throughout the season. Injuries set him back over the years and he could never find his speed again.

December 12: Racer X reader Mackenzie Carnicella
December 13: At age 16 Ron Lechien burst onto the motocross scene and was signed to a full factory ride at Team Yamaha. Over the years he battled against some of the all time greats in American motocross: Hannah, Bailey, Glover, Barnett, Johnson, and Ward. Today, he works for his father at Maxima Oils.  

December 13: Dunlop’s Brian Fleck  

December 13:
Dunlop’s Mike Buckley  

December 14: Motosport Outlet’s Bill Butcher  

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