Early Entries to WMA Cup

Several racers have contacted the WMA to let us know that they are planning on coming to the WMA Cup this Dec. 31 - Jan. 3 at Freestone County Raceway, Wortham, TX. Take a look on how the turnout is beginning to shape up. Online entry opens Dec. 10th. See the Race Information page of the WMA site for more race details.

Alexah Pearson, CA – Women’s Intermediate, Schoolgirl
Alexandra Lopez, Honduras – Women's Novice, Schoolgirl
Ally Miller, CA – Girls 65cc (10-11), Girls 85 (7-11), Supermini
Amanda Maheu, UT – Girls Supermini, Schoolgirl
Andrea Beach, CA – Women’s Vet
Ashley Gyory, AZ – Girls 65cc (10-11), Girls 85cc (7-11)
Aspen Neely, LA
Ayla Cabus, CA - Women's Pro
Bonnie Warch, CA – Women’s Vet
Britney Gallegos, CO – Girls Supermini, Schoolgirl
Brooke Bowman, WA – Women’s Novice, Girls 85cc
Brooke Hodges, CA – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Casundra Regal, TX – Women’s Pro
Chyenne Brown, LA
Cory Springer, OR – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Danielle Sawicki, MI – Women’s Pro
Elena Thomas, TX – Women’s Jr Vet, Women’s Vet
Elizabeth Bash, CA – Women’s Pro
Elizabeth McFarland, TX – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Hannah Minderhout, CA - Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Hailey Larson, CA
Haley Warm, LA
Jackie Ives, CA
Jenna Smith, NH – Women’s Pro
Jesse Wharton, OR – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Josie Brown, LA
Julie Parizek, CT – Women’s Pro
Kacey White - Collegegirl, Women's Novice
Katelyn Crowley, MA – Women’s Pro
Katelyn Hayes, LA
Kaylee Darby, CA – Girls 51cc (7 – 9), Girls 65cc (7 - 9)
Katie Wharton, OR – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Kendra Hughes, TX – Women’s C, CollegeGirl
Kimberly Kocher, OH – Women’s Pro
Kristine Wright, WA – Women’s Pro
Lana Merkley, MN – Women’s Intermediate and Intermediate
Leila Mullen, GA – Girls Supermini, Schoolgirl
Lindsey Escoyone, LA
Marrisa Markelon, CT – Women’s Pro
Melanie Klander, TX – Women’s Beginner, Women’s Vet 25 +
Megan Serpas, LA – Women’s Novice, CollegGirl
Miki Keller, OR – Women’s Jt Vet, Women’s Vet
Nicole Madson, CA – Women’s Pro
Penni Cyrus, AZ – Women’s Pro
Raven Bertrand. LA
Sabrina Wosick, CA – Women’s Intermediate
Sara Price, CA - Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Shelby Rolen, TN – Women’s Intermediate, CollegeGirl
Sherri Cruse, CA – Women’s Pro
Sierra Bragg – Women’s B and Schoolgirl
Staci Woodrum, FL – Women’s C
Tami Haase, CA – Women’s Vet
Victoria Seamans, AR - Women’s Novice, CollegeGirl
Whitney Barnett, NH – Women’s Intermediate, SchoolGirl