Xmas Countdown: Day 21+2

  • PowerCore 4
You may not realize this, but you have the opportunity to own a product endorsed and used by The Man himself. No, I’m not talking about Roger DeCoster, I’m taking about Kris Kringle, AKA Santa Claus, who uses an FMF PowerCore 4 slip-on exhaust on his sleigh. FMF stands for the “Flying Machine Factory,” so it only stands to reason that Santa would run an FMF muffler to keep his sleigh quiet yet powerful. You can own one of these mufflers too for only $299. Other features include:

+ Completely redesigned for all late model applications
+ Aluminum performance muffler with durable stainless steel components
+ Meets 94dB sound level with optional quite insert
+ Use with stock or FMF header
+ Removable spark arrestor included
+ Easily serviced for repacking

Get yours today at your local FMF dealer, or visit www.fmfracing.com