Xmas Countdown: Day 27+2

November 27, 2008 9:43am
Day 27+2

  • James Stewart drinks Red Bull Cola
Let's just be honest: It's hard to make to everyone's house on Christmas Eve. And yet Santa has been doing it for years, albeit with the help of some natural stimulants, I'm sure. Well Santa is going to be stoked this year because he can power down a Red Bull Cola as he's hauling butt from one continent to another and enjoy the all-natural ingredients and a little caffeine bump. The caffeine comes directly from coffee beans and the sugar is pure sugar derived from beets. There isn't any phosphoric acid or artificial sweeteners in there at all. So, don't worry about Santa because he'll be fine. And if you get thirsty try one yourself. For more information, visit www.redbullusa.com.