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Sorry if you don’t want to hear it but all I can think about whenever I hear your name is you snapping that bike in half off a triple. Do you have nightmares?

  • Ping's career begins to wind down right.... now.
Dear Brutis,

It’s funny you bring that up because I just recently got this picture from a friend that ran it in an old publication (Thanks, Kevin). That night, at that exact moment, my career made a turn to the south that it would never recover from. I don’t know if it was from yet another disappointment in a championship chase (I was coming off a win in Anaheim and trailing the series leader by just a handful of points.) Or maybe it was the psychological damage that was done when my piston skirt broke off on the face of that triple and sent me into a belly flop on the landing from thirty feet in the air. Maybe that was it, but I’m not sure. Either way, I never completely recovered after that and a year and a half after that crash I was finished. I don’t have nightmares about the incident, but for some reason I’m terrified about triples or anything that comes in threes. I get a nervous twitch at Wendy’s when I see the triple cheeseburger on the menu. And last week my wife ordered a triple-layer chocolate cake for dessert and I started screaming and smashed it with my fist right in front of her. And, well, I would give you one more examples but that would be three things and… Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

Dear Pinger,

I just read where you got a job as the TLD team manager… Congratulations. That seems like an awesome job. Geez, what’s next for you? Seems like you’ve covered just about everything: supercross racer, journalist, announcer, Supermoto racer and now team manager. Maybe you could be a team truck driver in 2010?
Scott Baylor

Dear Scott,

I’ve certainly dabbled in a lot of different things up to this point. Most of the time it was nothing I planned but rather an opportunity that I stumbled upon in a Forrest Gump-type of fashion. The team manager position came about just like that. As one of the team's Supermoto racers, I knew that they were looking for a manager. I didn’t really consider myself for the job because I was one of the riders. While that would be great for negotiating my contract for the next season, it would be tough to manage a top-level team and race on it at the same time. Well, it worked out and while I probably won’t be racing for the team full-time next year, I will still get to jump in and do a few. And you don’t have to worry, Scott, because I am still going to continue to do this weekly column and Electronic Ping in Racer X Illustrated along with some feature stories. But one thing I won’t be doing is driving a truck. As far as I know.


Is that really RC's house in the background that we're seeing in all of his riding videos online? One would expect a rider of his caliber and stature to have a serious palace!!
Toronto, Canada

  • This is RC's pool... behind his guest house.
Dear Todd,

That is RC’s barn that you see in the background of those videos. He keeps his bikes, tractors and tools in there. His palatial estate, which boasts a staggering amount of square footage, sits on some secluded property outside of Tallahassee. He has a pool that is bigger than most natural lakes and tiled with his number one plates. The rumor is that he has it filled with holy water that he had shipped in from Vatican City. There are enough bedrooms in his house to sleep all the residents of his hometown and all the bathrooms have toilets made of Waterford crystal and feature their own attendant who will actually wipe you up when you’re finished and then hand you a mint. It’s fantastic! There are a fleet of staff dedicated to catering to your every whim and fancy. I once ordered a hundred dollar bill sandwich in the middle of the night with a glass of pimp juice just to see if they would do it. They did. And when I told the head butler that the sandwich was a little dry he had the chef taken outside and beaten with a pillowcase full of rigatoni pasta. Yep, RC’s livin’ the good life down there in Florida. Maybe it's time for another visit?

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