This Week's Birthdays

November 16, 2008 10:33am | by:

  • Jay Burgess
  • Jeremy McGrath
  • Mike Metzger
  • Dave Casella
  • Ken Block
November 17: Mike LaRocco’s son Parker LaRocco

November 17: Hammerhead Design’s John Clark

November 18: Since coming to the United States, MDK KTM’s Jay Burgess has been one of the top wrenches on the circuit. This year, he had the opportunity to work with Ecuador’s Martin Davalos.

November 18: Barnett Clutch’s Chris Taylor

November 19: Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath is a seven-time AMA Supercross champion, as well as the 1995 AMA 250 National Motocross champion. After retiring from full-time racing on January 2, 2003, MC has been having some fun. He was the last man to lead an AMA Supercross race on a two-stroke, he won a gold medal at the X-Games, and he occasionally competes in supermoto and unique supercross events.

November 19: Mike “The Godfather” Metzger spent most of his life racing motocross. Then, in 1997, when the freestyle motocross movement really started picking up steam, Metzger dove in head first. Over the years he has become an X Games icon, and he spent some time in the national spotlight when he jumped over the fountains at Caesar's Palace. He was the first to attempt it since Evel Knievel, and he back flipped it!

November 19: DV 12’s son, David Li Vuillemin

November 20: N-Style founder Rob Healey

November 20: Ethika’s Malcolm McCassy

November 20: KTM America’s Brent Harden

November 20: Racer X reader Jeff Smith

November 21: GNCC contender Michael Lancaster


November 21: Star Racing's Broc Tickle

November 21: Longtime privateers Jeff and Jon Hedden

November 21: As the guy responsible for keeping Answer and MSR on the map, Dave Casella is one of the hardest working men in motocross.

November 21: What more can you say about the guy who took $10,000 and started his own clothing company? Ken Block and his co-founder Damon Way turned DC Shoes into one of the biggest brands in the action sports market. He can also snowboard, skate, ride motocross, and drive a rally car as well as anyone.

November 22: Freestyle rider Trevor Vines

November 23: Multi-time Loretta Lynn’s vet champ Mike Katin

November 23: Motosports Park track announcer Pete Reitsch

November 23: FMX rider Trey Deane

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