Factory Connection Trackside Support at Glen Helen

Factory Connections Trackside Support Vehicle and Staff will be on hand for the Vet World Championships this weekend at Glen Helen on Saturday November 1st & Sunday November 2nd.

“This will be a big weekend at Glen Helen as the fastest Vet riders from around the country and world converge to show who has still got it. We want to show our support to the riders and offer our services not only to FC support riders, but to any rider who needs assistance”, said Mark Rodgers – Sales Manager of Factory Connection West.

Come by and see what the Best Suspension Period is all about. And get on the same suspension as John Dowd, Tony Amaradio, Kyle Lewis, Keith Johnson & Mike LaRocco.

FREE bike set up and technical support will be offered. In addition, Factory Connection will have Oil Change, Fork / Shock Rebuild services, Fork / Shock Springs and Wear Parts available. The professionals at Factory Connection will help you tune your suspension and dial it in for your needs.