Pink Partz Wide Open for Business

Minneapolis, MN Pink Partz is breaking into the motor sports industry with a deep love of customs and a fresh attitude.  Pink Partz has designed a new line of products specifically for women, along with a disruptive Pink Partz men's line.  Pink Partz believes in the passion of the ride: hot rod, bike, sled, ATV, Dirt Bike. There are no frilly options here, only cool clothes that belong in a world of horsepower and torque.  Don't be afraid to get your Pink Partz dirty.

The cool thing about Pink Partz is that it means something different to each person. Some take it to a naughty place, while others revel in the fact that the line suits the interests of motor sport enthusiasts that love horsepower. For those that take a more dangerous understanding of the brand, the product will elicit a fun response. While Pink Partz will never stand still, this launch is geared to offer variety and selection. Moving forward watch for additional line creations set to release just in time for the Holidays, as well as innovative ride accessories. Pink Partz offers a fresh new approach by providing distinctive and exclusive designs. All of which were designed for soulful custom enthusiasts no matter what their ride of choice.

Supporting the initial brand launch are several iconic v-twin based shops including Arlen Ness Daytona, Eddie Trotta's Thunder Cycle Design and Covington's Customs. "The line meets the needs of riders that don't want to wear a motorcycle brand across their shirt, but are still looking to make a "riding" statement. The product looks and feels great on. It's high quality and does not disappoint" explained Arlen Ness Daytona Principal, Shelly Rossmeyer. Retail pricing is also a key attribute offered by Pink Partz. "It's not often we issue valuable show floor space, especially just before a major rally, but I think Pink Partz has a distinct voice and will work well in our store. Our customers look for value and cool. Pink Partz meets the customer needs while offering a great selection" finished Rossmeyer. The Pink Partz apparel line debuted this week during Daytona Biketoberfest at Arlen Ness Daytona. "Earlier this week, I saw this new product on display in Daytona and knew it was the right product for my customers. Pink Partz are on their way to Ft. Lauderdale" said Master Builder Eddie Trotta.

Pink Partz products are in stock now and available to ship. Check the line out at Wholesale opportunities are also offered. Additionally, power sport dealers attending the V-Twin Expo will have the ability to see the line first-hand at the 9th Annual V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati this coming February. Pink Partz will be displaying on the main show floor.

Pink Partz offers a variety of distinctive clothing and accessories for soulful motor sport enthusiasts. Pink Partz is a registered trademark. To see all the spankin' new products and more about Pink Partz, visit:

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