Virtual Trainer: Worst Breakfast Foods

October 16, 2008 3:37pm
Worst Breakfast Foods
by Tim Crytser

Whether you are a high-end athlete or a weekend warrior trying to shed a few pounds, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, many active people follow a lifestyle that eliminates breakfast or includes foods that are far from champion-builders; especially on Sunday morning when you are headed to the track. But just because breakfast is the most important meal of the day doesn't grant you permission to go into a feeding frenzy. But that's exactly what many of the country's most popular breakfast joints are setting you up for, by peddling fatty scrambles, misguided muffins, and pancakes that look like manhole covers. In this article we borrow from a fantastic book called Eat This Not That where the authors scoured the country and reviled the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of breakfast foods. Is your favorite meal listed? >>>> Read More.

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