Red Bull KTMs David Knight Crowned XC-1 GNCC Champion

New Berlin, NY – Red Bull KTM’s David Knight was crowned the GNCC XC-1 Champion at the 11th round of the series held at Unadilla Valley Raceway.

Heading to Unadilla, Knight, who has won six of the first ten rounds, held a slight point lead over the second place ride of Paul Whibley. Knight was not expected to round up the championship this weekend as Whibley would have had to finish fifth or worse against Knight’s win for the championship to be secured.

However, Knight and his teammate Nate Kanney, both got great starts this weekend. Both riders were within the top three after the first half lap. The course was quite muddy as it had rained three days leading up to the event and started again within ten minutes after the start of the race. Knight, known as a great mud rider, had no problem moving into the lead. Once Knight moved into the lead, he rode a smart race. Knight stopped to pit for clean goggles and new gloves each lap. Kanney stayed close to Knight maintaining third position for the majority of the race. Meanwhile, Whibley was sitting in second when he ran out of gas on the last lap, ending his day and surrendering the championship to Knight. When the checkered flag flew Knight secured the win and the championship while Kanney was bumped up to second place – a great finish on his hometown course.

Red Bull KTM Factory rider, Kurt Caselli, was also in attendance. He garnered a mid-pack start and was forced to fight visibility issues due to the amount of mud and water being flung upon him as he fought his way through the pack. By the end of the race, he had worked up to 7th overall.

Red Bull KTM rider Justin Williamson had a great start in the XC-2 class pulling the holeshot and continuing on to lead the first lap. Unfortunately, water got into his motor on the second lap of the race and he was forced to DNF.

Next Race: Round 12 – St. Clairsville, OH – Power Line Park – October 11-12, 2008

Overall Results XC-1 Class:

  1. David Knight – KTM
  2. Nate Kanney – KTM
  3. Jim Jarrett
  4. Joshua Strang
  5. Charles Mullins
  6. Glenn Kearney
  7. Kurt Caselli – KTM
  8. Jesse Robinson
  9. Paul Whibley
  10. Barry Hawk
Overall Results XC-2 Class:

  1. Thaddeus Duvall
  2. Cory Buttrick – KTM
  3. Jason Thomas
  4. Scott Watkins
  5. Jake Korn – KTM
  6. Kailub Russell – KTM
  7. Eric Bailey – KTM
  8. Andrew Matusek
  9. Dustin Gibson
  10. John Day – KTM
Overall Point Standings XC-1 Class:

  1. David Knight – 286
  2. Paul Whibley – 221
  3. Joshua Strang – 217
  4. Nate Kanney – 196
  5. Charles Mullins – 175
Overall Point Standings XC-2 Class:

  1. Thaddeus Duvall – 289
  2. Dustin Gibson – 214
  3. Kailub Russell – 186
  4. Justin Williamson – 142
  5. Josh Weisenfels - 138